Learn to emotionally self-regulate and build your resilience

Are you feeling overwhelmed by too much to do, and no time to do it?

Do you need help, maybe someone to talk to or guide you?

Do you suffer from frustration, anxiety, or depression, and don't know what else to do?

Do you have goals you want to achieve, but something keeps getting in the way?

Improve your Health, Performance and Relationships

Reduce your stress. Feel better! Live better!

A qualified and licensed HeartMath Coach can help you transform your stress and overwhelm into ease and performance, boosting your resilience and ability to handle daily life challenges. The benefits of working with our coaches include:

  • improved health and wellbeing
  • improved relationships
  • decreased work stress
  • improved communication
  • and much, much more

Browse through our coaches profiles below to find the one who will suite your needs.

Meet all our awesome HeartMath Coaches!

Alan Strydom

My Specialty:

Director HeartMath South Africa, HeartMath Master Coach, HeartMath Certified Trainer, Coach Mentor training, Train the Trainer, Corporate / group training and facilitation, Deep Personal Change, Speaker

Region: South Africa (based in Cape Town) & Global

About Alan:

Alan Strydom is Director, Certified Trainer and Master Coach for HeartMath South Africa, and has a background in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy.

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Alan Strydom HeartMath South Africa

Farhana Goga

My Specialty:

Teenagers; Individuals, Couples

Region: Cape Town

About Farhana:

A qualified Psychologist, she furthered her studies with Metaphysics, Family Constellations, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and HeartMath (offering both 1-1 and group sessions).

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Vimal Ichharam

My Specialty:

Business Model Innovation, Leadership Innovation [Speaking, Consulting, Coaching]

Region: Johannesburg

About Vimal:

Dr. Vimal Ichharam is a pioneer and is committed to making a real difference to business. He has a PhD in Chemistry, has served as a management consultant to government and has run businesses at a senior level at a multinational bank for some years. He is able to integrate the rigour of science with the entrepreneurial imperative of business.

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Russel Brownlee

My Specialty:

Personal transformation, depth work to resolve subconscious trauma, life coaching, hypnotherapy, clearing of subconscious blocks and limitations, weight loss, personal development, spiritual awareness.

Region: Cape Town and Southern Suburbs

About Russel:

My journey as a therapist and coach began when I learned hypnotherapy and was completely awed by the profound transformations that I witnessed and later helped to facilitate. Then I learnt Coaching and EFT (emotional freedom technique), which I discovered goes as deep as hypnosis without actually needing a trance state.

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Anine Theron

My Specialty:

Reiki, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, HeartMath, Meditation Techniques, Quantum Indigo, Whole Development / Child Development

Region: Cape Town, Northern Suburbs

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Gabriel Gonsalves

My Specialty:

Individuals and organizations who have forgotten how powerful and courageous they really are. Heart Intelligence Coaching, Integral Life Practice, Heart-Centered Business Solutions.

Region: Cape Town

About Gabriel:

Gabriel Gonsalves is a highly experienced Heart Intelligence Coach, Seminar Leader and founder of Heart’n Mind Consulting. For many years Gabriel lived feeling discouraged, but it was between 2007 and 2010 while volunteering at two non-profit organizations in South Africa, and counseling hundreds of men and women who were feeling discouraged, depressed, and confused that he discovered the true gift inside his heart.

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Jenni Williams

My Specialty:

I love working with individuals and groups by enabling them to develop new insights into:

  • Understanding self and others
  • Building better relationships
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Building resilience in order to cope with stress
  • Leading self and others

Region: Cape Town

About Jenni:

Jenni holds an Honours degree in Human Resource Development from RAU majoring in Organisational Development and the design and management of Learning and Development in organisations. She also holds a BA degree from UNISA and Diplomas from Stellenbosch University, Carinus College, Mowbray Hospital and Valkenberg Hospital.

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Dr Anne-Marie Lydall

My Specialty:

Marriage and relationship therapy

Region: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

About Anne-Marie:

Highly experienced in the field of couple and relationship therapy, Anne-Marie is a Clinical Psychologist who has also trained in Imago Relationship Therapy.

On a more personal basis, she is also able to draw on her long experience of marriage, helping couples hear one another to develop a more compassionate understanding of themselves and the other.

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Lucie Nell

My Specialty:
• HeartMath Stress Management
• Transformation of limiting beliefs and emotional handicaps
• Balancing of the human energetic system
• Self-Empowerment Courses

Region: Centurion, Gauteng

About Lucie:

My personal search for relief from the discomfort of stress started in 1999, after experiencing a brief anxiety episode. At the time I was the financial manager of a family owned business. Fortunately I realized that medication would not be a long term solution and a new journey opened up for me.

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Lesa Burger

My Specialty:

Transformational Coach, HeartMath® Coach, Action Learning Coach, Leadership Development and Learning Integrator, Creating a High Performance Mind Lecturer, Personal Mastery Consultant, Integrating Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, DreamBoard Facilitator, Creative Visualisation and Meditation Teacher, Laughter Yoga Instructor

Region: Bedfordview, Gauteng

About Lesa:

I am a holistic coach and educator who is passionate about helping individuals reach higher levels of their innate and unique potential through integration and alignment of their body, heart, mind, and spirit.

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Alice Ashwell

My Specialty:

Life Coaching; HeartMath Coaching; Solution Walks in Nature; Nature Experiences; ‘A Return to Heart’ presentation; Coaching Teens and Youth; Overcoming Exam Anxiety course

Region: Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

About Alice:

My life coaching practice, Heart of Nature, integrates two of my passions - HeartMath coaching and Nature experiences.

Coaching sessions often take place in gardens and natural areas.

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Penny Castle

My Specialty:

Practical Leadership Skills, Leadership Development, Stress at work, Happiness at work

Region: Gauteng, South Africa

About Penny

Penny Castle is a Johannesburg based leadership coach, executive coach and business coach. She helps you and your team thrive at work by growing your leadership and business skill.

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Henk van Zyl

My Specialty:

Functional Therapy, Pastoral Therapy, Couples, Individuals, NLP, EFT, Spiritual and Emotional Management

Region: Centurion, Pretoria

About Henk:

After being in the people business since 1990 I have learned the importance of self management and have gained a wide variety of people and relationship skills. One of the most crucial is that of being able to self regulate and manage emotions effectively.

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Richard Hill

My Specialty:

Providing frameworks, supportive structures and nurturance, to enhance one’s innate understanding, intelligence and access to their self-empowerment. Enabling one to confront and address life’s challenges with greater resilience, flexibility and grace. To rekindle a sense of hope, trust, unity and life purpose both within oneself and one’s surroundings.

Region: Cape Town

About Richard:

Through living and working within a variety of cultures and customs I have been privileged to have inspiring and diverse individuals influence my life and rejuvenate my sense of purpose and creativity.

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Michele Frew

My Specialty:

I work primarily with children and teens, teaching them study skills, as well as life skills, including motivation, organisation, self-regulation and coping tools. My love of learning is reflected in my ability to integrate different modalities, within the coaching space, with any age group.

Region: Bassonia (Johannesburg, Gauteng) and South Africa (via Skype)

About Michele:

I experienced several life-changing events in my childhood, and this is how my interest in people, psychology and healing began.

I have had wonderful opportunities to work with so many different, dynamic individuals over the years and I have learned so much from my teachers, as well as my clients (from the children I teach, to the adults I coach).

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Mandy Johnson

My Specialty:

Mindfulness, Recovery

Region: Cape Town

About Mandy:

Mandy Johnson, is a Mindfulness-Based Coach & Facilitator, with and undergraduate degree from UCT in Industrial Psychology and Sociology. Mandy completed her Graduate Diploma in Counseling (Coaching) through Sacap (South African College in Applied Psychology). She is a registered Coach with Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). She has recently been registered with HeartMath South Africa as a HeartMath Coach, specializing in Biofeedback for self-regulation using Heart Rate Variability.

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Homeira Ghanongooi-Franke

My Specialty:

Helping individuals restore life enthusiasm and lifting Depression. I am a qualified BodyTalk practitioner, BodyTalk Access Trainer. Reiki Master, Hands on healing Therapist and a Licensed HeartMath coach.

Region: Johannesburg, South Africa

About Homeira:

I have always been very interested in Health and well-being and have also always questioned how we end up in the different health related states (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health)

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Hennie Geldenhuys

My Specialty:

I specialize in the healing paradigm of coaching.
This includes inner healing for things with outer manifestations such as anxiety, depression, stress and destructive habits like smoking or mindless eating; and healing for outer manifestations with inner dimensions like chronic physical pain, living with chronic or terminal disease, allergy relief without medication, and coming to terms with illness.

My healing practice extends to relationships, clearing limiting beliefs and enabling the individual to become the best being he or she can be.

Region: Boland, Western Cape & Northern Suburbs Cape Town

About Hennie:

My approach and philosophy

My calling and intuition to facilitate healing and a context for transformation finds fruition in my unique coaching practice at the interface of the mind, the body, the emotion and the spiritual. Inner Healing for outer Health.

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Jacques Myburgh

My Specialty:

Existential coaching & Transition coaching for midlife, quarter-life, sabbaticals, career changes and slowing down

Region: Cape Town, Northern Suburbs and Boland, South Africa

About Jacques:

Jacques’ coaching assists with the journeys we travel throughout life. The challenges we encounter during these life transitions can be highly stressful and the emotional reactions can be debilitating. Journeys such as midlife, quarter-life and career changes inevitably results in leaving behind certain things and having to deal with new things.

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Samantha Kitshoff

My Specialty:

Coaching and training HeartMath in Education (working with students and teachers), Moms and pregnant Moms, Call Centres. Client Service Manager for HeartMath SA.

Region: South Africa, based in Cape Town

About Samantha:

I am a Certified HeartMath Coach & Trainer, with a psychology background & manage the education & families sector for HeartMath SA. My dream is to unlock the potential of as many students, teachers & parents as possible by teaching self regulation techniques which effectively reduce stress, manage emotions & improve behaviour.

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Elvira Holz

My Specialty:

Clinical Social Worker in psychotherapeutic and Coaching Practice

Region: Blairgowrie/Randburg, Gauteng

About Elvira:

Given my background in the mental health field, it is natural for me to be drawn towards issues on personal development and empowerment. We develop throughout life. Those of us who are able to continuously develop toward sustained, desired change do so, in part, with the help of others. I have trained in many approaches and models.

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