HeartMath trains 34000 Police Officers

Here is a short and inspiring video featuring HeartMath South Africa’s cousin, HeartMath Benelux, conducting a successful mental resilience training programme for 34000 police officers in Holland!

Using (bio)feedback technology like emWave Pro, emWave2 and Inner Balance Trainers, police officers are immediately able to identify when they have moved out of the stress zone and into Coherence and composure, allowing them to reset quicker after intense situations.

The effects of the shift from stress to Coherence are visible on computer monitors and screens, showing measurable results.

Additional stress assessments like our quantified POQA (Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment) are used to track the training’s progress.

At 2 minutes into the short 5 minute video you’ll hear heartwarming testimonials from officers who went from test anxiety, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, weight issues and PTSD symptoms, to feeling more ease, less tension, and an alert calm.

HeartMath South Africa offers the same training programme called “The Resilience Advantage“.

Well done Netherlands!

South Africa, when will it be YOUR turn?

HeartMath USA Case Study Abstract

Research suggests that police work is among the most stressful occupations in the world and officers typically suffer a variety of physiological, psychological, and behavioural effects and symptoms. Officers operating under severe or chronic stress are likely to be at greater risk of error, accidents, and overreactions that can compromise their performance, jeopardise public safety, and pose significant liability costs to the organisation. Therefore, this study explored the nature and degree of physiological activation typically experienced of officers on the job and the impact of the Coherence Advantage resilience and performance enhancement training on a group of police officers from Santa Clara County, California.

Download the case study here. (Right click and “Save As”)

Managing Director HeartMath South Africa, Master Coach, and Lead Trainer