Alice Ashwell (Dr. PhD)

HeartMath Coach / Mentor

Area of expertise:

  • Educator, facilitator and coach, focusing on nature-based coaching and process work
  • Dementia caregiver support and education
  • Calming anxiety coaching and education, especially for teens

Additional certifications and qualifications:

  • PhD in Education
  • Solution Focused Brief Coaching
  • Vision Quest Facilitation
  • various online dementia courses: Understanding dementia (University of Tasmania), Preventing dementia (University of Tasmania), Dementia (University of Birmingham), The many faces of dementia (University College London), Dementia Care (Newcastle University), Creating moments of joy for people with Alzheimer’s (Purdue University)

About Alice:

Alice became a HeartMath coach because of the positive impact that a regular HeartMath practice has had on her life. Not only has HeartMath helped to shift her emotional baseline from stress to ease, but Alice credits the practice with helping her to heal from osteoporosis. For Alice, the most significant benefit of HeartMath was the role it played in transforming her experience of her mother’s long journey with dementia: “HeartMath enabled me to communicate heart-to-heart with Mum, even after she lost the ability to speak.” Alice integrates HeartMath techniques into her coaching and workshop offerings, which often take place in nature.

  • Telephone Number: 021 788 2431 | 082 720 7444
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Dementia Connections SA
  • Skype: alice.ashwell1