HeartMath South Africa Coach Mentor Training Programme Graduates

  • All of our coaches listed below have completed their certification in the HeartMath South Africa Coach Mentor training programme.
  • Coaches with the status ACTIVE* are part of our ongoing Coaching Community and available for consultation and excited to help you Add Heart to achieving your personal goals, whether it’s work, relationship, financial, health or stress-related.
  • Each ACTIVE coach has their own personal areas of expertise so that you can find the right one for you! Click on their name to find out more about how they can help.
  • If you’re interested in joining our Coaching Community and becoming a licensed HeartMath Coach, click here.
  • *Coaches without the ACTIVE status have completed their HeartMath training, and may or may not be using HeartMath in their personal and professional capacity.
Adele Pudney
Adriaan Meyer
Alan Strydom – ACTIVE (read more)
Alice Ashwell – ACTIVE (read more)
Allison Ross
Alouise de Jager
Andrew Swart
Anil Amratlal
Anine Theron
Anne-Marie Lydall (Dr)
Anne Marx
Anthony de Pontes (Dr)
Antoinette Bishop
Anton Coltham
Arlene Adriaanse
Ashika Pillay – ACTIVE (read more)
Barbara Cukjati – ACTIVE
Barry Coltham – ACTIVE
Basil Eddy – ACTIVE (read more)
Beatrix Maxwell
Bongekile Mtolo
Bongy Sithebe
Brett Klette
Brett Powell
Bronwyn Beveridge
Busi Pepu
Cassim Paruk
Caz Abrahams
Celine Healey
Charlotte Haggie
Cherice Baker
Christa Stander
Claudette Jordan
Claudia Marcus
Claudine Wheeler
Claudius Van Wyk
Dagmar Hudkova
David Edwards
Delphine Oliver
Diane Collier
Elizabeth Krige
Elsabe Engelbrecht
Elvira Holz
Emma O’Brien
Ester Kruger
Faith Semenya
Farhana Goga
Fatima Laher
Ferhensha Gopi
Frederic Motz
Gabriel Gonsalves – ACTIVE
Garth Miller
Gert Johannes Cloete (Dr)
Gillian Cromhout
Grant Jantjies
Haley Ritzlmayr
Hannes Van der Merwe
Hayley Williams
Hazel Kurian
Henk Van Zyl – ACTIVE
Hennie Geldenhuys
Hilda de la Rosa
HiPraise Njoko – ACTIVE
Holly Proctor
Homeira Ghanongooi-Franke – ACTIVE (read more)
Ina Theunissen
Irene Schempers
Jacques Myburgh – ACTIVE (read more)
James Liddell
Janeshree Govindasamy
Jean Armstrong
Jennifer Williams
Joan Osterloh
Joan Peters
John Woolley
Joni Peddie
Judith Shier
Karl van Staden
Kerryn Paterson
Kevin Bosman
Laetitia Permall
Laurel Anderson
Lauren Hulme
Leandra Harrison
Lesa Burger
Lesley-Anne Pedlar
Lisa Armstrong
Lisa Baxter
Liza Christopher
Lorraine Thiel
Louise Van de Westhuisen
Lucie Nel – ACTIVE (read more)
Lyndol Taylor
Madelaine Niemand
Magda Laas
Mahesh Deshmukh
Mandy Johnson
Mano Naidoo
Marcia Eugenio
Margie Fann
Mariaana Maxwell
Marie Marais – ACTIVE
Marijke Kirstein
Marlene Gibson
Martie Kruger
Martin Kruger
Mavis Mazhura
Maya Kanhai – ACTIVE
Melissa Taylor
Mia Von Scha
Michaela Dekel
Michele Frew – ACTIVE (read more)
Michelle La Vieux
Milica Bojic
Monica Ratala
Monika Adelfang – ACTIVE
Nadene Bell
Naledi Mothlbane
Naz Nolan
Nicol Frank
Nicola Symons
Ntsiki Gumbe
Odilia Celestino – ACTIVE (read more)
Pam Coltham
Paul Wolpert – ACTIVE (read more)
Penny Castle
Pieta Erasmus
Portia Maphala
Rene Viljoen
Richard Hill
Richard Daguiar
Richard Valentine
Rita Schoeman
Robin Roberts
Robyn Phillips (Dr)
Ronel Ferreira
Rooken Podesta
Roselle Hartwigsen
Russel Brownlee
Russel Sparg
Sam Kitshoff – ACTIVE
Sarah Roos
Shankar Sadhashivam
Shanaaz Naidoo
Sharon Hilary
Sharron Pearce
Shelley Marsh
Siobhan Hagen
Stanley Arumugam
Stephnie Lourens
Steve Edwards
Susannah Cole-Hamilton
Tanya Moereels – ACTIVE (read more)
Terri-Ann Coltham
Tessa O’ Grady
Toni Belton
Ursula Le Roux
Verna Du Preez
Victoria Sellwood
Vimal Ichharam
Vivekananth Padmanabhan
Vuyelwa Vatsha-Mhlaba
Wilhelm Lombard
Yvonne Fuller-Good
Zee Pitt – ACTIVE (read more)

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