Odilia Celestino

HeartMath Coach / Mentor

Area of Expertise:

  • Special Needs Children
  • HIV & AIDS Counseling

Additional Certificates and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science (Human Physiology and Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Applied Psychology
  • HIV & AIDS Care and Counseling
  • Teaching Children with Autism
  • Accredited Special Needs Adapted Programme Teacher (SNAP)
  • Internationally Accredited Mediator – Association of Arbitration (South Africa)

About Odilia:

I am a young professional who is determined, ambitious and dedicated to making a difference in the world. I am hard-working, loyal and take pride in striving towards perfection in every aspect of my life. My passion lies within the field of humanities, as such, being a HeartMath coach has provided me with the opportunity to combine my knowledge gained from my academics with the various HeartMath tools in order to provide optimum assistance to those seeking it. I am a strong advocator of and believer in the body-mind connection whereby being coherent allows for maximum performance and long term mental endurance. I am also passionate about continuous learning and evolving into a better version of myself and believe that success can only amount from a combination of hard work, persistence and of course, coherence.

  • Telephone Number: 083 546 0687
  • Email: odiliacelestino@gmail.com