Paul Wolpert

HeartMath Coach / Mentor

Area of expertise:

  • Transformational and Motivational Life Coach (individual and group Programs)
  • Mentorship and Self Development
  • HeartMath Coach (individual and group) utilising HeartMath techniques & Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor
  • Nature and Holistic based Coaching Technique
Additional certifications and qualifications:

  • COMENSA Accredited Life Coach
  • Accredited Tourist Guide for the Western Cape and Surrounds (WC12259)
  • Certified HeartMath Coach
  • CEO and Founder of Optimum Projects – Construction Project Manager
  • CEO and Founder of Walking With Wollis
  • CEO and Founder of Journeyman Life Coaching
  • CEO & Co-Founder of Cape Town Healing
About Paul:

Paul is a heart-centered Life Coach who believes strongly in authenticity and compassion for all of his Clients on their individual life journeys. He has adapted his business to include Nature as a primary focus of self development and often holds his sessions walking in Nature. His own life journey has been one of self discovery and “making his heart smile” – which is incorporated into his Life Coaching programs.

Paul is married to Lilah Wolpert and lives in Cape Town. He enjoys nature, reading books and continued studying on self development, spending time with friends and playing bass guitar in his rock band as a form of meditation.
  • Telephone Number: 083 395 9238
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Instagram: journeyman_lifecoach
  • LinkedIn: Journeyman Life Coaching