Enhance Your Coherence Practice

Coherent Breath is a calming, meditative track designed to be used with a Heart Lock-In of 20 minutes.
  • Breathe in rhythm with the drum beats, or breathe in rhythm with the chord progressions.
  • There are two breathing rhythms to choose from: breathe in a cycle of about 10 seconds (5 seconds inhalation and 5 seconds exhalation); or about 20 seconds (10 seconds inhalation and 10 seconds exhalation).
  • Coherent Breathing in a 10 second cycle equates to 0.1 Hz on the Power Spectrum in HeartMath’s Inner Balance and emWave Pro technology.
  • Train yourself to find the rhythm that works best for you.
  • Use the melody intervals and chimes that occur every 5 minutes to mentally note how much time you’ve completed during your 20 minute Heart Lock-In.
There are four versions of the audio track Coherent Breath in this package:


  1. A guided audio track to help you practice paced breathing in a 10 second cycle (includes instructions for The Heart-Focused Breathing Technique)
  2. A guided audio track to help you practice paced breathing in a 20 second cycle (includes instructions for The Heart-Focused Breathing Technique)… focused on slower, deeper Heart-Focused Breathing.
  3. A “clean” version of the above two versions, without guided instructions, allowing you to choose either a 10 second breathing cycle or 20 second breathing cycle.
  4. A high quality binaural version of the above version, without guided instructions, with binaural beats to induce Alpha brainwaves and entrain to the Heart Chakra frequency.

Use with or without HeartMath’s Inner Balance Sensor and app. Made to be used with earphones or headphones.

To use with HeartMath’s Inner Balance Sensor, first load the track of your choice onto your phone:


  1. Open the Inner Balance app, and tap the Settings cog wheel icon in the top left of the screen.
  2. Select the first option: Session.
  3. Under the Music Volume option, next to Soundtrack, tap the Select option and navigate to your music library. Select the Coherent Breathaudio track.
  4. Option: Under Sound Effects Volume, switch the Volume to “On”, On Coherence Change to “On”, and move the volume slider to about the “e” position under Volume.

Coherent Breath




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What Others Are Saying

“This is great! Breathing in rhythm with the drums has really helped me keep my breathing steady, and as a result, my coherence ratios have improved. Thank you!”

“Such a simple addition to my practice. It makes a huge difference!”

“Amazing! I started with the 10 second cycle, and over time have eased into breathing a lot slower… now 20 second cycle.. 3 breaths a minute, while keeping my coherence high. Thank you!”

What You Get

4 versions of Coherent Breath

1 x Guided Heart-Focused Breathing Technique with 10 second breath cycle instruction

1 x Guided Heart-Focused Breathing Technique with 20 second breath cycle instruction

1 x Coherent Breath (clean version - no vocal instruction)

1 x Coherent Breath (high quality binaural version - no vocal instruction)

Coherent Breath WAS $ 11.11... NOW ONLY $ 6.50